Matt Yglesias here raises Brad DeLong raising a truly excellent point… how do you read a kindle in the bath?

A book in the bath is one of my true sanctuaries.  I light some candles, crumble an amazing Lush Bubble Bar (usually Amandopondo) under the running water, take a glass of red wine, and soak for a very long time.  I’ll grab one of my lovely new Penguin classics, and put Nina Simone on on my iPod sound system.  It is perfect.

But if I were reading a kindle, surely it could not be so?  I might drop it and ruin something that costs a lot of money.

This goes back to my argument about the importance of the physical nature of books, as something we can own and share and abuse at will.  Something we can keep and refer to later.  But Joel and I will discuss that in our upcoming episode of 😉

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