So, Parliament rejected the stimulus package.  Frankly, I think we need stimulus.  I really think it’s the only that that will stop our recession from becomming a depression.  Plus, I think it’s necessary for all countries to adopt stimulus packages to produce global- rather than localised- stimulus.  Buy-local provisions in stimulus packages are stupid and won’t help anyone. However sad I am that it was rejected, I am happy that Nick Xenophon was the crucial vote.  I love Nick Xenophon.  He is a politician with a conscience and an agenda, and works to balance both.  I loved his idea about restricting access to ATMs in licensed venues- seemed a creative way to both limit gambling AND binge drinking.  I kind of hope he does some negotiations around that bill to get his vote for the stimulus, but I doubt it. More on Xenophon later!  I want to learn more about him.