So, the esteemable Senator Xenaphon agreed to some compromises, and the stimulus passed the senate.  So, somewhere around April, I’ll be getting a big honking cheque for $900 in the mail.

Now, given this money is intended to stimulate the economy, I believe it is my responsibility to do exactly that.  But I’m very unsure of how, exactly, is the best way to go about that.  I was going to put the money off my HECS debt (low-interest government loans for college, for my vast international audience), but I don’t think that’s very stimulative.

So vote below, and help me figure out how I can stimulate the economy:

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  1. If you are going to spend it, you should spend it on Australian goods and put the money back into Australian pockets. But I think globalisation is the biggest scam ever invented by capitalists and I only buy Australian anyway! If you are already giving money to charity through your live poor month, I think you should keep the money aside to spend on yourself when you are ready.

    Mine? Debt. Woohoo?

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