I’m going to try to make a non-dairy version, with a soy bechamel, but I’m worried about the lack of cheese.  I thought about buying some soy cheese but, truthfully, I’m a little scared of it.  It’s BOUNCY.  At least, the stuff at Coles yesterday was bouncy.  I don’t think cheese should be bouncy.

I want to make it in little ramekins, because I think they just look so pretty.  I bought fresh lasagne sheets yesterday, because I can’t be bothered to make pasta from scratch today (and next time I do, I want to make ravioli.)

Pumpkin pastas are the best.  They’re favourful, and the textures combine just perfectly.  My favourite ravioli in the world is a mashed pumpkin with cumin and pine nuts… Oh, the very thought makes my hungry!

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