It’s just after one in the morning on Monday, and this long weekend has been just lovely.  I had Friday off- my first proper holiday day in a long, long while- and my parents are in town.  I’ve caught up on my political stuff, finally finished a book and started another, had a healthy amount of wine, and generally had a fantastic time.

It’s nice to be quiet.  I’ve had a busy couple of months, so it’s nice to have some time to think.

I got a lovely email from Megan this afternoon.  I’ve been long intending to post about Best Friends, that pathetic term that is horrible and cliche and stupid until it is perfectly applicable, but I can’t seem to find a way to do is that isn’t horrible and cliche and stupid.

Maybe I’ll just tell you a story now.  A couple of weeks ago, I was having a bit of a tough time.  Anyway, I got a message from Megan telling me to call her as soon as I woke up, that she’d be home all day.  So I called, and lo and behold, talking to her was the best thing I could have done.

Sometimes I think it’s horrible that I’m so, so far away from her, that I only get to see her every couple of years.  But imagine if I’d never met her! Imagine if we’d never become friends! Imagine if I’d never moved to the US, or if Megan’s family had stayed in California… So really, I’m very blessed- to have met her, to know her, and now, thanks to the internet, to be in touch with her all the time.

We get to exchange songs on MySpace.  That’s the best thing fathomable.

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