And thus begins a series: Things I Don’t Understand.
There are many things in this world I don’t understand. One of those things is the Snobby Bogan phenomena.

Now, I understand the Bogan phenomenon. I mean, I am from a rather Bogan town and have somewhat Bogan heritage. And I’ve got nothing against Bogans. More power to them! I wish I could have my hair in a non-ironic mullet and get a butterfly tattoo on my arse. But, alas, such I cannot bring myself to do either.

I also understand snobbiness. I mean, some people genuinely believe they’re better than others. I have no problems with that. I mean, it’s elitest, but again, more power to them.

But what I genuinely don’t understand are Bogan snobs. People who are devoid of that most of the rest of society would understand to be “class”, yet act like they’re better than others.

Sugared almonds. Taffeta. Made-up baby names. It just makes NO SENSE.

Please, somebody, explain it to me.

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