You know what?  Things are pretty darn nice at the moment.

The weather is finally, finally warm.  I just came from drinks with an old friend, whom I’d not seen for, well, more than a decade.  It was really lovely.  We had cider at an Irish pub, and I cannot remember a drink being so perfectly matched to the weather or my mood.

Then I walked home, down through Darling Harbour.  There was some kind of Christmas Party or Formal at the Chinese Gardens, and they had a band playing Walk Like an Egyptian.  Again, the perfect song for the night.

Tomorrow, I’m going to wear my pretty white dress with flowers to work, the one that makes me feel like spinning in circles on the grass, and pretty white strappy heals.  At lunch time, I’m going to take a beach towel over to the park, lay in the sun, listen to music and read some wonderful book.

Then in the evening, I’ll walk home, and maybe skip across the paved area in front of the exhibition centre, because you just can’t- CAN’T walk across there.  Walking just does not suffice.  I’ll buy some sparkling wine, and Heidy and I will celebrate the fact she’s done for another year.

Far too early on Saturday morning, I’ll drag myself from bed and make my way to Cammeray to see my babies.  We’ll go to the Park.  The eldest will tell me everything he’s done in the last month, and thrill me with stories of what he wants for Christmas.  The middle- my favourite- will be reserved at first, but then tell me his secrets and his thoughts.  He’s smarter than any five-year-old has the right to be.  The youngest, a beautiful little girl, will cling to me, and touch my necklace, and laugh her irrepressible laugh.
Then home again. Maybe a run and a swim.  Dinner with friends.  A movie.  A late-Sunday sleep.  Coffee in bed with the sun streaming in.
Oh, who said things weren’t lovely?!

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