It’s like The OC, but better.

In the early days of the OC, the hero/villain line was fairly clearly drawn. As the series progressed, it got more complicated, but in the beginning, people were good or bad.

Gossip Girl has been far more nuanced, right from the start. There are few villains. While Chuck and Blair were both a little evil in the opening episodes, but the mid-point in season one, there was not a character on the show it was diffic

And unlike The OC, it has a really interesting take on wealth. The OC had this bizarre voyeristic thing going on, where the themes were manifestly anti-wealthy, while exploiting the audience’s desire to indulge. GG is similarly voyeristic, but it’s ideas on wealth are a little more interesting. The entrepreneurs are not inherently evil. The aspirational middle class aren’t inherently good.

It’s genius. Watch it.

I only linked that video because I really like that song.  It was in the opening scene of the show.  Love.

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