Heidy and I spent hours and hours wandering today, looking at markets and little shop, eating the most amazing and utterly decadent food.  When I got home, I added it up, and we’d walked an amazing 11kms.  In flip-flops/thongs.  No wonder my legs hurt.

The last place we visited was the Finders Keepers markets at Carriageworks.  I found a store that chopped the spine off Little Golden books, inserted diary pages, then re-bound them.  One of my favourite childhood books, Ten Items or Less was there.  My Granny, who I loved, used to take me to the grocery shop with her, and we’d play Ten Items or Less, just like in the book.

It was a great day.

These are some of the sites of people whose stalls I loved:
Cilla and Peppe
Twice Flight
Flat Bird

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