I love the taste of Sumac.  It is the ground berry spice from a Sumac plant.  It’s quite tangy, and slightly metallic.

One of my favourite foods in the world is Za’atar, a mix of ground sumac, thyme and toasted seseme seeds.  To make it, I just throw a mix of the three in my spice grinder and let them go for a few minutes.  The resulting spice mix can be used as a condiment, added to pasta, or, my favourite, mixed with Olive oil and baked into bread to make Manakish.

When Heidy and I went to Cafe Sydney last week, the delightful dessert I chose included a baked pastry with Sumac on top, which got me wondering about other recipes that use Sumac.  So here is my mission for the week: to find and make three recipes other than Za’atar that include Sumac.

So far, this is looking good.

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