Over the last three weeks, I’ve gotten back into yoga in a big way. I do 3 classes a week, and try to practise at home where I can.

But one move has always eluded me… the wretched Bakasana.

This is what it looks like:


I first started doing yoga (well, it was Body Balance) in 2004. That was when I first encountered the Bird Pose/ Crow Pose/ Bakasana. It was utterly beyond me. Through all the gyms I’ve joined in the intervening time (I’m on gym no. 5 now), and all the different yoga/Body balance classes I’ve taken, I’ve never yet managed to master Bakasana.

But no more! I shall do it! I shall! I have been going to yoga very regularly, and I have a fantastic teacher. AND, I have discovered youtube instructional videos devoted solely to bakasana. I will learn. Soon, that photo it in the blog will be me!

Stay tuned.

PS Check this one out:

I would KILL to be able to do that. And I shall!

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