That’s my stop!  An easy block-and-a-half walk from my house.

Most Sydneysiders look mockingly at the monorail.  It’s pretty much an eyesore, an anachronistic vision of the future. Yes, it’s ridiculously expensive.

Strangely, the monorail amazingly convenient for me.  Sure, most days, I walk the 2kms from my lovely home near Darling Harbour, though the city, to our offices, near Hyde Park.  It’s a great walk, and if I leave at 8, I’m there by 8:30.  And on the way home, it is magical.  Somehow, all the woes and the stresses of the day don’t seem nearly so bad after a walk in the afternoon sun.

But some days it’s not sunny in the afternoon.  Some days it’s cold and cloudy.  Some days it’s rainy.  Some days I just don’t feel like walking.  Some mornings, I really want that extra 20 minutes of sleep.  So on those days, I take the monorail.

There’s a nice little pass we regular monorail-takers can buy, reducing the price to $2.50 a trip from the rather exorbitant $4.40.  And on $2 Tuesday it, shockingly, is only $2 and you can add up to 999 $2 trips.

And you know what?  Taking the monorail often has totally changed my mind about it.  The tourists LOVE it.  And there’s nothing wrong with keeping the tourists happy.  Kids love it too.  And there are a surprising number of folks who, like myself, use the monorail as a genuine kind of public transportation.  it’s a great way of getting into and out of Darling Harbour, which isn’t as well-serviced by PT as Circular Quay.

So the moral of the story?  Monorail = good.

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