It really is a shame that my generation (whoa, listen to me, old fogey) doesn’t really have much patience with classical music.

One can’t even really admit to liking classical music- apart from movie scores, which, mostly, don’t count- because it just seems so pretentious.  Oh, it’s permissible for music students, or people with really old parents, but that’s it.

I wasn’t raised on classical music.  It was always on at my grandparents’ house, but that was it and, usually, when I was there, I had my discman in my ears listening to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College again… which, by the way, is the easiest way to ensure you have a simple and sure-fire method of reliving your teen years once they’re done.

But classical music really is wonderful.  I can suit certain moments perfectly.  And there’s something about those instruments, completely uninhibited by human voices, that is magical.  And the instruments themselves! They are so beautiful.  My favourite is the Harpsichord.  I love Baroque music, especially Bach’s Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba and Harpsichord.

So take a listen, loyal readers, in secret.  Don’t tell anyone, or they’ll think you’re a wanker.  But seriously, don’t your insides just swell to this music.  It’s enough to calm you when you’re sad, and is perfect for a rainy Sunday morning, drinking coffee in bed…

That’s right, lets not mention any of this to anyone, because they are certain to think we’re pretentious.

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