I’m currently totally obsessed with this site called the Black Cab Sessions, where they get a bunch of really cool musicians to do one song, one take, in the back of a cab while driving around (usually) London. It’s lots of fun. And, incidentally, had featured quite a number of songs from my Favourite Show In The Universe, Chuck.  Including the following, a song called “Christmas TV” by a Scottish band called Slow Club, which is my current musical obsession.

Well, that and Taylor Swift, but I’m not supposed to admit to the Taylor thing publicly.

It was also through Black Cab Sessions that I discovered The Duckworth Lewis Method, an indie-pop group with a concept album about cricket, which may actually be the best thing in the history of the universe.

Also great are Creature Fear by Bon Iver (also featured in Chuck) and longtime Naysayers favourite, Lykke Li.

But, seriously, have a look around. It’s an awesome site.

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