While a few albums make the short list of best album I bought in 2008 (Midlake’s The Trials of Van Occupanther, Kanye West’s College Dropout, MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular and  Math and Physics Club’s self-titled album round out the top five) the honour really must go to Lykke Li’s Youth Novels.  As I posted a few weeks ago, I think the best songs (and the best albums) sound good, are lyrically relevant, and connect to a time in your life.  Youth Novels was 2008 for me.  I discovered LL through Megan, which makes it especially special.  Plus, Youth Novels got me started on a whole new musical odyssey, expanding my tastes beyond my folky-indie-pop and into a whole new range of music.  Not necessarily music like Lykke Li, but finding Lykke Li made me braver and more willing to try more stuff.

So, one more time, the first single from my Album of 2008, Youth Novels, here is Lykke Li’s paen to frustrated and probably-unreciprocated love, Little Bit.

A kick-arse live version, because all the copies of the original clip have been removed from YouTube.  I guess that means she’s really getting famous:

And here’s the most recent single, I’m Good, I’m Gone, of which I am immensely fond:

Finally, here is the classic every-girl song about those nights when you just don’t feel like dancing.  It wasn’t on the original release of Youth Novels (which I bought back in FEBRUARY, thank you very much!), but it was on the Australian release, which I bought last month (damn extra tracks). (btw this isn’t much of a video, but you can hear the song, and that’s what matters)

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