Obama deserves it… truly

So I hopped in the lift today at work, hours before Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, and there was a news story on the little screen.  It told of how the Dalai Lama didn’t mind that Obama was avoiding him during the Tibetan’s tour of the United States because of possible jeopardy to US-Chinese […]

Obama and Australian politics

I’ve been thinking over this post for the best part of a month now… one of those posts I want to write, but I’m worried I’m going to screw up, because I just don’t know if I fully grasp what I want to say. Just before I went to China, I went to a talk […]

Secretary of Food

Nicholas Kristof has a great op-ed in today’s New York Times about the notion of a Department of Food, rather than a Department of Agriculture in the US.  The notion is that the department which overseas food production should represent eaters as much as it does farmers.  It’s an interesting concept, one Ezra Klein has […]