I can't get over this song

I’ve actually lost track of how many times I’ve mentioned this song now.  But it’s just so good.  And listening to it just once doesn’t do it justice. Blows my mind.

Lykke Li

You’ve possibly read my frequent and effusive praise of Lykke Li.  I love her music, and her album, Youth Novels, was my favourite of 2008.  But I realised something, on my way home tonight, listening to the NASA song featuring LL, Kanye and Santogold: Lykke Li’s best songs are all her collaborations First, there’s the […]

If Cupid's got a gun, then he's shooting

A late Valentine’s tune for you all.  I can’t rant with the grace of my dear friend Jodi- who wrote a wonderful post about Valentine’s which is lost in the narrow world of Facebook and cannot be linked [if you’re lucky, that link worked] (GET ANOTHER BLOG, MissJ, a NON-TENNIS one).  But I can share […]

Song of the week

Y’all know I love Lykke Li and have forever.  Well, not forever, but I got on that bandwagon EARLY.  Imagine my delight/mild horror when she featured on a N.A.S.A single along with Kanye (!!!!!) and Santogold.  Well worth a look! Oh, and if you still haven’t seen it, make SURE you check out my favourite […]