Another China Photo…

Who says I can only have one per day?  My blog, I make the rules. I think I have developed a deep and abiding love for the Great Wall.  All I can think about is how to get there again, and what other kind of walks I could do.  I really want to get to […]

China Photo of the Day

I’ve been trying to pick some photos to blow up and frame, and this one is definitely on the short list.

The Great Wall

Some things are serendipitous.  Were it not for a certain set of circumstances- a NYE plan canceled, a   visitor information guide who didn’t explain what we’d booked- I doubt things would have happened as they did.  But as it happened, we got up at 5:30 on Friday morning, donned five layers of clothing, and hopped […]

My friends are dumb

So I was talking to my friend Heidy about China.  I asked: “Hey Heidy, which part of the wall should I go to?  One of the bits that has been restored, or one of the bits that is run-down but authentic?” She replied: “What wall?”