Bliss Release

Stop me if I’ve told you this story before… Sometime, waay back in 2006, a friend of mine emailed me and invited me to come and see her band.  I couldn’t actually go that night, I was working, but I did go along to their next gig, with my little brother.  It was at a […]

Guess what?!?!

Frightened Rabbit are playing at Splendour in the Grass. That’s right. THE Frightened Rabbit.  Also playing are Midlake, who I adore… I mean, they wrote a concept album about THE OREGON TRAIL (and yes, I know that’s just a rumour, but still, I freaking loved that game). But FRIGHTENED RABBIT. Oh, how I love them. […]

Save the Hoey

The first gig I ever saw at Sydney’s Hopetoun Hotel- I’m ashamed to say it was in 2005, and that I squandered the first 3 years of my ID-possession without a single visit there- was Jens Lekman. It was an amazing gig, back when my brother, a keen Jens fan, has to special-order “When I […]

Cloud Control are Awesome

I mean, you already knew that, but this video further cements their place in the Hall of Awesomeness. Cloud Control: Buffalo Country from on Vimeo.