Presidents' Day

It is Presidents’ Day, or it was (I can’t keep track) which means it’s one year since my favourite-ever episode of Bloggingheads.  Just for fun, I thought embed it for you.  It’s old and irrelevant, but still interesting.  I like it when they don’t have two total opposites on BHTV, but rather choose two people […]

Talking 'bout Health Care Reform

Check out the newest Bloggingheads, with Ezra Klein and Jonathan Cohn discussing health care reform.  Worth a look. Plus, I can now embed Bloggingheads videos… this is awesome.


At long last, Mr Klein has returned to bloggingheads.  Would you believe, last time he was on the video was not downloadable?  Shocking, I know.  That’s how long it’s been. Check it out here.  I plan a longer blog on it later.  Who knows if it will happen… it’s our company Christmas Party tomorrow night. […]

The wrong kinds of geeks…

I don’t normally watch Science Saturday on, but I had to see this part of this episode, particularly as I share Abigail Smith’s frustration with the Twilighters.  I read the Twilight books a long while ago, and while I enjoyed them, they are NOT GOOD BOOKS, and vampiric stories have been done better before. […]

This is…

… one of the more interesting things I’ve seen on the internet.  Check it out. Blogger Brian Beutler was shot earlier this year.  The blogosphere reacted in interesting ways.  Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote a post about the attack and now, 6 months later, they are on Bloggingheads discussing it. This is fascinating not so much as […]