… but I’ve got a cold, so I’m all yucky and miserable.  I can’t think clearly enought to write, which is incredibly frustrating, because there are a heap of posts I want to write: about the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers, about the Eliot Spitzer’s slate column this week proposing, well, HECS for the US, and some of the interesting things I’ve learnt in my course so far (like that James Maddison is awesome).  Oh, and I want to look at aid figures in the new US budget.  AND the Office of Legal Counsel’s memos, which should be fascinating.  Lots to do!

But I must get better first, so lots of sleep, vitamin C and Olive leaf extract.

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  1. They have recently discovered that vitamin D is just as good, if not better, than vitamin C at relieving the symptoms and reducing incidence of colds. You should try to get outside in the sun today! Plus its the perfect day for it.

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