I started my current exercise-kick on April 19th. That’s just a tick over two months ago. I can’t believe the difference even in that time. Yesterday, I hit the 10kg mark. As in, I’ve lost ten kilos. Which, considering I only changed my diet about four weeks ago, and the first three weeks of my exercise program was mainly yoga, is insane.

You know the best bit? I feel good and I’m not hungry. Every other time I’ve been on a diet- actually, that should be every time I’ve been on a diet- I’ve struggled with cravings and stuff. Now, I eat what I want, I just only eat real food. Nothing artificial.

Which makes this diet- in the true meaning of the word- totally sustainable. It’s a lifestyle, not a short-term solution. And it’s a freaking awesome.

Michael Pollan’s advice really is invaluable. Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Definitely words to live by- or at least to eat by.

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