I love aspirational clothing.

It’s so nice to have something in the wardrobe to motivate you. I have a dress, purchased in 2005, that I’ve never yet fit. It’s a great feeling, to have something to visualise when I’m struggling with the motivation to be healthy and stay healthy.

Anyway, when I was in the US, I bought not one but two pairs of aspirational jeans. Skinny jeans. One pair I could ALMOST do up when I bought them. They were $30 and I got them at this little boutique in Portland, near the Lush shop. It was one of the nicest stores I’ve been to in a while. Anyway, this first pair (though I actually bought them second, but they were the larger of the two pairs) were level 99 jeans, apparently a rather popular brand in the US (I’m showing my ignorance here), particularly amoungst the indie-hipster types.

The second pair were a dodgy pair from Charlotte Russe that I couldn’t even put on properly, such was their smallness in proportion to me. But they were REALLY pretty, a nice colour and shape, and I just hated that they didn’t have them in my size. So I bought them. I fully expected to have wasted that $20 US, but I figured, with the dollar at 90c, what did it matter.

(Yes, I know this is a narcissistic and self-indulgent post, but come on, hear me out)

Anyway, so I bought these two pairs of jeans. Aspirational jeans.

Four weeks ago, I decided to commit to doing three lots of yoga a week for four weeks, just to see what it did for my body. That’s twelve classes in four weeks. I’ve currently done eleven of those twelve. And the results are definitely there… I am fitting into clothes I didn’t four weeks ago. So I decided to give the skinny jeans a try.

I put on the Level 99 jeans last night. Not only did they fit, but they were also TOO BIG. That’s right. My skinny jeans were FALLING DOWN.

So this morning, when I woke up, I thought hell, I’ll try the Charlotte Russe ones. And they fit. Nicely.

So I am happy.

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