Mum and I had another nice day today.  We started late, and then went to the police station so that I might register.  THAT was an experience.  Frustration abounded as the sole police officer on duty was both incredibly slow, and willing to let people just jump in and serve them WHILE SHE WAS PROCESSING MY APPLICATION.  For one like me, who is rather obsessive about manners, it was absurdly frustrating.

But I have a longer post on manners here- I’m well aware of the fact they’re largely cultural.

Anyway, after the police station, we went to Kakadu, an Australian restaurant in Shanghai that serves amazing food.  It was amazing.  Then we walked a way, going into the original Communist party headquarters in Shanghai, and a museum that commemorated the Communist Youth League, both of which were pretty interesting and free.  There was some awesomely beautiful misuse of English at the latter, but, alas, no photos were allowed.

Finally, we wound up at Xintiandi, which is this lovely little district with amazing 1920s houses, renovated and turned into restaurants.  It’s like Paddington meets Disneyland- artsy but also quite whimsical. Mum bumped in to one of her friends there- which happens remarkably often considering Shanghai is a city of over 20 million people.

Photos here.

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