Thanks to the wonder of Hulu and Hotspot Shield, I’ve been reliving my teenage years with Roswell.

It’s one of the things I most closely identify with those awful few months just after we returned from the US, when I was homesick for Vancouver and missed Megan so horribly I some days felt I couldn’t move.  And I loved the Dave Matthews Band, yet nobody in Australia knew who they were (at 15, music was the sole source of my identity, thus this discovery was shattering).

So then there was this ad for Roswell, and it played a song I liked… I can’t remember which.  So, weeks after moving back, I started to watch it.  Crash Into Me (and do click on that link, because it’s possibly the sexiest song and most beautiful clip ever- and you can hate Dave Matthews and still like that song) was played in the final moment.  My heart belonged to Roswell.

Watching it now, it’s amazing how much I can remember of that time. Obviously, I remember when it happened, but watching it brough back more tangible memories.  I remember laying on the timber floor in those 12 weeks or so we moved back into our old house in Oak Flats.  It was really warm.  There were Christmas beetles.  I remember how lonely how felt, how much I missed the rain, how much I loved our brand-new dog Jackson, who was crying outside because he was scared of his new home and his new name.

It was an emotional time.

I’m so glad to be an adult now.  TO be sure, I have my moments of misery and destruction, but at least now I can do something about it.  Being a powerless teen really wasn’t much fun.

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  1. I LOVED Roswell (as we discussed this afternoon.) Max and Liz were up there with Buffy and Angel as my favourite TV couple. They were so beautiful in the beginning: their love was so tentative and shy and pure. (‘Max Evans has put a force on me.’) It was terrible what they did to them by the time the third season rolled around, skanking them up and spoiling the sense of the sacred that their relationship had previously carried.

    But I still love it, in my heart… and I own it ALL.

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