Full House

A long, long time ago- well, around October 2006, I was sitting at my computer in my delightful apartment in Cammeray (oh, how I miss that lovely apartment), when my friend Heidy sent me a YouTube link.

You see, overwhelmed by a bout of 90s nostalgia, she had searched Googled for “Full House”- the show with the Olsens. Instead, she happened upon a Korean drama by the same name.

We were hooked in no time. We watched the first few episodes on YouTube, then bought a box set of the DVDs on ebay.

Korean dramas are a special thing. They are quite long and exceptionally repetative. Every key moment is played and replayed. But they are truly awesome

Heidy and I spent several weekends lounging around and watching television. Because of the sheer length of every episode- around 90minutes each- whole days were lost in a K-drama black hole.

It’s a long and complicated story, the tale told in Full House, but it stars the Korean pop singer Rain. We didn’t realise he was famous when we started watching in, but three or four episodes in, we were googling Full House and discovered Rain was the Korean Justin Timberlake.

Since, Heidy and I have spent many an hour singing songs from Full House to each other.
“kom sema-ri-ga
han chi-be-yi-so
appa gom
omma gom
ae-gi gom”

So a couple of weeks ago, I was watching The Colbert Report online, ’cause he had Ariana Huffington on. He mentioned Rain to her. I was confused. But a few minutes later all was revealed: Colbert had a running joke about Rain. It was just so, so funny. I think I left 15 messages on Heidy’s phone, demanding she watch it NOW.

Check it out.

So that’s the short version of the story. Heidy and I remain OBSESSED with Rain and Full House. He is insanely awesome.

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