I was on Q&A last night, on the ABC.  It was pretty epically awesome.  They picked my question to ask and, when I asked it, there was a MASSIVE round of applause.  I blogged at the USSC about the experience, and why I think the question mattered (it was on the US’s response to our proposed internet filter).

The video is here.  I’m at the 44 minute mark (don’t worry, it allows skipping).

So this morning, I looked at the Sydney Morning Herald website, and an article about the Ambassador’s answer to my question was the top story.  Similarly on The Age (though it’s the same article as in the SMH), and on News.com.au, and the Herald Sun and a long article ran in The Australian.

Sadly, I’m not named 🙁

Overall, though, it was a pretty cool experience!

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  1. Hey lady,

    Nice work! It got mentioned in our ICG class on Tuesday and even though names weren’t mentioned I knew it was you!

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