Personality is not character.

I think the two are very often confused. Personality, in my mind at least, are that traits, the quirks, the innate things inside a person that make them who they are.
But character? Character is something very different. Character is about moral fibre. It’s about decisions you make that shape who you are.

I keep hearing people blaming their flaws on their personality. That’s rubbish. Personality may make you more inclined to do certain things. But ultimately, you make a decision.

Of course, I don’t mean that people who have genuninely awful things happen to them are culpable for the way they respond. Sometimes, things genuinely are beyond one’s control and do fundamentally alter a person .

Rather, I am reacting to the considerable number of people in my generation who seem to take pride in their flaws. “Oh, I’m a total bitch”, as though it’s something to be proud of. We certainly all have flaws, but shouldn’t we all endevour to correct them, or at least improve ourselves, rather than saying “this is who I am, live with it.”

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