A few weeks ago, Ezra Klein wrote a post about his new year’s blogging resolutions.  He promised ‘Less of the word “I.”‘

Since, I’ve been painfully conscious of the number of time I used the word “I” when blogging.  And I’ve been thinking about it.  I loathe, in conversation, when people can only talk about themselves and their experiences: the most fascinating things to talk about are ideas, events, and television shows (I hate to be obvious, but that REALLY needs a 😉 emoticon so you know I’m not a total moron.) But I’ve been thinking about it and in this space, “I” is all I have.

Blogging is something I do to fill in the margins.  I love that it gives me the time and space to write every day.  I love that I can link to stupid stuff, and remark on strange and wonderful things without driving those around me mad.  Truly, blogging has been a great thing for my social life.

I have no great insights to offer.  Occasionally, I have a good idea, but rarely see them through to frution.  There is no great moral imperative I can better express than others.  My knowledge of most things besides football is second-rate, and I’m tired of writing about football.

I like to discuss things, but just putting my ideas out there isn’t enough for me. They are half formed.  I need the minds of others to polish them for me.  My best posts are things I’ve discussed with Joel, then blogged about, because it’s the discussion that hones my thoughts.  So I don’t like to write things without parsing them with “I”s, because my ideas often aren’t fully my own yet… I’m still working on them.

So I is what I have.  Just little old me.  My stupid thought.  My little words.  But I like that.  I love releasing them into the ether.  I don’t get many hits and I certainly don’t get many comments (shout out to Megan, Swood, Jodi and ErinP).  But it’s nice.  It’s more than enough.

Sometimes my words come back to greet me, and sometimes they come back to haunt me.  But this is my little space, and I love it.

So I will use “I”.  ‘Cause it’s the best thing I’ve got, at the moment.

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