I’m very glad Richmond decided to pick up Ben Cousins in the pre-season draft today.  Something has never sat right with me about the way Cousins was treated.  He never tested positive to drugs at any point.  Yes, he came clean with his addiction, but how is his situation any worse than the multiplicity of players who have returned two positive tests, yet continue to play without even their club knowing.  I really don’t see the difference. I’ve heard that quite a few of another club’s now-premiership players had serious drug problems, but the club looked after it in-house, sent them to rehab, and did the right thing by them.  They were duly rewarded with a premiership.  Perhaps what the clubs can learn from that is that finger-pointing and ignoring things until the hit the media is the worst possible way to go about things. Ben deserved another chance.  I’m glad there was at least one club with the character to grant that to him.