Did you know that it’s not poor environmental regulations contributing to climate change?  It’s not inefficient energy systems?  It’s not even big business?  You know what causes Climate Change?


At least, that’s according to Steve Fielding, senator for the conservative Family First party in Australia.

Ok, he didn’t actually say divorce CAUSES Climate Change.  He just said it adds to it.

And Fielding’s remarks are technically true.  I mean, yes, when households split, they do, naturally, consume more resources across two household than they previously did in one.  But it’s like someone coming into hospital with a compound fracture, and the doctor dressing the wound but ignoring fracture.

Does the broken skin hurt?  yes.  Is it the main cause of the problem?  Not by a long way.

But this is what the right does.  They take things that are technically true, things that are simple arguments, and present them to the public as fact.  And the media, driven by 30-second soundbites, eats it up.  They just ignore the fact this is a TINY fraction of the problem.  Yet this gets attention.  Our inefficient food policy gets no attention.  The environmental effects of meat production?  Not a hint of media attention.

How do we start getting more coverage?  How do we change the conversation?  Can we even do it?

Can progressives to the left of our current government start to have a voice?

Or is it impossible for an intellectually honest left for engage a broad audience?

I still don’t know

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