An update on my Sourdough bread:

It’s looking good.  I started it on Sunday.  The organic spelt flour I needed cost a small fortune ($8 for 1kg :o).  I mixed it all together, then left it outside for an hour.  The recipe said to put it in a warm place, so I left it in the Laundry (because the dryer is sometimes on).  I have been alternating the mix between the laundry and my room when I have my heater on.

On Monday, I was a little disappointed.  The mix just looked EXACTLY as it had.  No difference.  Yesterday, though, I got home and looked at it.  It was a tiny bit bubbly and had this brown liquid on top.  I had to feed it some more flour and water, so I opened up the top.  Let me tell you, it did NOT smell good.  I added the flour and water- it then looked just as it had on Sunday- and put it back in my room.

Within hours, it had bubbled.  HEAPS.  I’m now slightly terrified it’s going to overflow while I’m at work today (it’s back in the laundry).  But the end is near.  I just have to leave it today, then tomorrow I get to knead it out and leave it to rise overnight.  And on Friday morning, I am going to bake it.  Plus, I now will have a starter, so I can cook it as often as I like.

I’ll post photos of the mix tonight.  It’s pretty cool-looking.

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