I’ve been working on a little project recently: I’m trying to outline, for myself, my personal political manifesto.  There are several things I believe strongly, and other things I’ve started to understand, or try to understand, recently.  Fitting it into a cohesive personal platform is really challenging, but I think useful for someone with burgeoning political ambitions (not to actually be a politician, but to work with politicians to affect change).

Some things are obvious, but I have to figure out the specific shape they take (what, for example, are my non-negotiables on education, tax or environment policy).

Other things have sprung up recently.  For example, I’ve become a big believer in the need for a  constitutionally-entrenched Bill of Rights.  I understand working it out would be exceptionally difficult, but I think it’s important to protect the individual against the government, and to have certain protects on which no government- even an elected one- could encroach.

Anyway, figuring it all out is really interesting and quite challenging.  I have a word document that I add to and tinker with when I have a new idea.  I think it’s a long-term project, but undoubtedly you’ll see some of the fruits of my labours on here…

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