… and I quote

“If you’ve been in a white person’s apartment or home you might have noticed a ball that looks like a cross between an egg and a football.  It is a Rugby ball and it is an important sport for white people…

“…Though playing the sport is the most common way for white people to become interested in Rugby, a great number of them pick up a taste for the game while studying abroad in Australia or New Zealand.  Like soccer, they are given the chance to purchase a scarf of their adopted team, but more importantly they can acquire a Rugby jersey.  Unlike a soccer scarf, they can wear this garment all year long  which provides for a more reliable trinket that can be used to initiate conversations about their time down under.  For extra credit, some white people will declare that they are into Australian Rules Football and not Rugby.  If you wish to friend this person, it’s best to ask them about the differences in rules because they will be thrilled to tell you.”


That is the best PR for AFL ever.


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