A long, long time ago, when I was a mere lass of 11 or 12, I decided to do a project on the Oscars. I made a video as part of the project, and needed a backdrop. So my mum went to the local video store, and they gave her a whole stack of posters. It was 1995, I think. I was most excited about the Little Giants poster (hello, Devon Sawa!!). But among the posters was one for a film called Before Sunrise.

The poster was lovely, and it was the one I kept and hung on my wall until we moved to the US. But it was M-rated, so I didn’t see it. Not til a few years later, when I babysat for these girls down the road called Claire and Emily. Their names aren’t important. Their parents paid better than anyone else in the neightbourhood: $5 per hour. That meant a WHOLE Dave Matthews Band CD after just one night of babysitting. Trust me, it does NOT get better than that.

Anyway, one night, while I was babysitting, Before Sunrise was on TNT. I fell in love with it. It was just a beautiful film.

Below is a link to the first ten minutes of the film, which are visually stunning and just utterly captivating.

Basically, the whole film is two people talking. It’s lovely, though, and it spurred my love of harpsichord and Bach.

Nine years later, they made a sequel.  Before Sunset.  The characters meet again.

Oh, I could rave for hours, but the moral of the story is WATCH THESE FILMS.  They are truly worth the effort.

Here’s a preview of Before Sunset:

Oh, and in a moment of symmetry, my younger brother bought a Before Sunset movie poster from Blockbuster and gave it to me.  It now hangs on the wall in my study.  It puts me in mind of one of Celine’s lines from the movie:

“It’s funny, I read a journal of mine from ’83, the other day. And what really surprised me, was that I was feeling with life, the same way am now. I was much hopeful and naive, but the core, and the way I was feeling things, is exactly the same! It made me realize I haven’t changed much at all. “

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