I have two brothers, Joel and Thomas. We’re pretty close, as far as siblings go. We’ve not all lived together for five years, but that doesn’t really make it difficult. We talk all the time, and hang out lots. They are some of my closest friends. And they both have really awesome girlfriends, with whom I get on really well.

It’s funny… all three of us get on well, but each pairing has a very specific relationship. Joel and I tend to share stuff we’ve read or seen or heard. Recently, he’s followed me into the world of American political blogging, and I love that he can excitedly call me at 7am after I tell him I got an email from Matt Yglesias (which I did… haha, in your face).

With Thomas, it’s a different relationship. We’re a bit further apart in age, but we’re still really good friends. He was recently in China for 6 months, and I missed him like crazy… At the moment, he’s started cooking, and he makes kick-arse apple pies.

A couple of years ago, Tom, who I call Mory, and I went to see the Dave Matthews Band at the Hordern Pavillion. I’d gotten him into them years and years earlier, and we went with his best mate and one of his friends… til we discovered that, due to my warehouse membership, we got wristbands and could go in earlier. So Tom and I wound up front-and-centre at a concert we’d waited years to see.

Around the middle of the show, Dave came out onto the stage alone and played “Sister”, the song above. Tom put his arm around me, and I started crying. Dave smiled at us- I guess it was abundantly evident that I, too, was a sister with a much-loved brother.

It was a perfect moment.

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