5. Jens Lekman, Hopetoun Hotel, April 2005

I wasn’t a big Lekman fan before this gig, but my brother Joel was. I’d read about the gig in the paper- just a couple of lines or so- and called Joel to ask what he was doing that night. He said he was busy. I said “That’s a shame, because Jens Lekman is playing.” He almost hyperventilated. You couldn’t buy tickets ahead of time- he made me call. Actually, he made me call twice. So we got there at 6pm for the gig. Doors didn’t open til 8, but we were there at 6. Joel was so nervous and excited he farted all the way there.

It was an amazing gig. Intimate is over-used with regard to concerts, but this truly was. He played the awesome Avocado song for the first time at a gig. It was a lovely, lovely show, and while I’ll never be as fond of Lekman as many of my friends (or Joel), it was great to see him then, before he started selling out much bigger venues (and charging three times as much!)

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Emily Anne Falonet
June 14, 2008 6:01 pm

“Joel was so nervous and excited he farted all the way there.”


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