I finally found an embeddable version of “Christmas TV”, so I figured I’d better share it.  Also, the lyrics, because they are amazing.  My favourite bit is this:

It’s okay to have scars, they will make you who you are
It’s okay to have fear, as long as you’re not scared of coming here
And in the middle of the night, just call if you wanna talk
‘Cause you know that I wanna talk too

and also this:

I like the way that our arguments stop when we fall asleep
And the way that your body feels when it’s wrapped around me
And I’d like it if you made it to mine by Christmas Eve
So you can hold me
And we’ll watch Christmas TV

All together now: Awwwwww.

As Jonathan said somewhere on the internet earlier this week, it’s been an odd week, ’cause I’m blogging about music and he’s blogging about politics. But it’s nice to have a brief foray into this before I get stuck into my Health Care Reform essay this weekend.

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