You’ve possibly read my frequent and effusive praise of Lykke Li.  I love her music, and her album, Youth Novels, was my favourite of 2008.  But I realised something, on my way home tonight, listening to the NASA song featuring LL, Kanye and Santogold:

Lykke Li’s best songs are all her collaborations

First, there’s the incredible “Until We Bleed” with Kleerup, probably breaking the record for most times a single song has appears on any blog ever:

Then there’s Lykke Li’s great version of Kings of Leon’s Knocked Up:

Then, of course, there is Gifted, the previously-mentioned NASA track:

Now, her other songs are great too… but it’s pretty amazing that none of the above are on Youth Novels.  She’s definitely made some of the best music of last year!

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