I’ve been feeling nicely nostalgic over the last few days, as my blog has started to get traffic and I’ve started to think back over the time I’ve been writing it.  And reading back over it, making sure I never double-up on my Sufjan Love of the Week.

But you know what I realised?  I have never written about LUSH!  Lush, the subject of my second blog (the link for which totally escapes me at present, but I’m sure Miss Jodi will remind me).  My first, by the way, was Bay 28, a blog my old friend Bec and I had about footy, back in the days when writing about footy for work was a dream, and blogging was totally new to me.

Obviously, I did not learn from that failed attempt (though the tale of our footy bikkies, told in part I and part II, is still both precious and memorable), because my dear friend Jodi and I attempted to write another single-subject blog.  This one was about Lush products.

Lush is an amazing store.  It’s one of those commerical outlets that you believe in so very much, you almost become an advocate for them. In fact, hang that, you DO become an advocate for them.  Their success is important to you because you love their products so very much.

Lush sells “fresh and handmade cosmetics”.  I think the term cosmetics is a little misleading.  They don’t sell makeup, but they sell soaps, bubble bars, massage bars, bath bombs, shampoo bars, cleansers, moisturisers, conditioners, deodorant powders, toners and all sorts of other things.  They make you feel soft, smell good, relax well, and calm down.  Honestly, they are the most amazing products.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I’ve always had problematic skin, but since I started using Herbalism and Fresh Farmacy (alternating between the two) as a cleaner, Eau Roma water as a toner and a small sample pot of Gorgeous (their signature, rather expensive for lush, moisturiser), I have had flawless skin.  It’s amazing the different these beautiful products make.

The shop itself is very strong-smelling, but if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend trying Lush products.  They are amazing.

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  1. i cannot emphasise enough my love of that store. i was in there today…but the large number of people in the tiny store put me off buying something… highly unusual though.

  2. Hehe, Will Swanton commented on Bec’s post! I have to agree, he is a great sports writer.

    I think I remember reading that before. I still get goosebumps reading her accounts of the 2005 finals series. The tension, the drama, the emotion — I don’t think anyone could have described it any better. Am glad the blog’s still up there.

  3. You know what’s embarrassing?

    I can’t remember where that Lush blog is either. I’m sure I have the link somewhere… somewhere…

    (is writing this while covered in Brazened Honey facemask of awesomeness while writing her Sense & Sensibility script… and remembering how she and Erin used to obsess about period drama when they were twelve… remember The Buccaneers?)

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