I went to Lush today.  It was payday, and for the first month since I started my new job, I don’t have any big bills to pay or Very Large Televisions to pay off.  So I went to Lush, free of the guilt that usually accompanies any such trip.

I left a heap of stuff in China with Mum, figuring she’d use it and that it would free up more of my weight limit for dongxi.  So I needed to go today, as I had no shampoo and my hair was looking pretty damn gross.

I’ve written before of my love of Lush.  Their products are amazing.  I used to have rather problematic skin, but now it’s clear as a bell.  Their products are affordable (’cause they last forever), good for the environment and they work.  And their bubble bars- which you crumble under running bath water to get 1950’s movie-star bubbles- are possibly my favourite thing in the UNIVERSE.

Anyway, I went in today, and got a stack of new things that all smell amazing- cherry blossom scented bath scrub is my favourite.  Because I spent over $50, I got to pick any new product for FREE. I was going to get the cherry blossom scrub for free (usually $7.95) but the shop assistant there, who is my favourite, suggested I just buy the cherry blossom stuff and instead try a new moisturizer, which usually retails for $38.95.  I got that, and I think it will be my new usual one- it’s perfect for my skin (see, their ploy worked).

But what struck me today, while I was there, was how many people who shop at lush are more than just consumers.  They become advocates.  The Lush website has a very busy forum, where Lushies (that’s what they (we?) call themselves) discuss products and such.  I have two friends who are full-on Lush fans, and they are similar to me: they have become Lush evangelists.  I myself started shopping there after a friend could not speak highly enough of Lush products.

It’s a strange phenomenon.  I wonder why we can get invested in products like that.  Things like books and movies and bands and sports teams I understand- they all have an emotional element.  But face cream?  There’s nothing terribly immediate or personal about that.  And yet I, too, feel an indescribable loyalty to Lush.  My collegues are tired of post-shopping-trip ravings from me about the virtue of their products.

I don’t understand it at all.  But it’s late, so I’m going to go and wash my face with my Lush cleanser, tone it with my Lush toner, then use my new free moisturiser.

Clearly, whatever they are doing is damn effective.

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  1. Oh my God… Lush! When I start my shiny new job, I am going to LIVE on their website… or come and see you, because I have this 10% off voucher to use! Think of all the pretty things… le sigh!

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