4:49am I’m going to go grab a few hours of shut-eye before work.  HAPPY INAUGURATION DAY everyone.  The future begins now.

4:44am Watching people milling is not the most thrilling thing.

4:41am Bye Bye Bush!!!

4:40am I love the American national anthem.

4:36am Where is Sasha?  Is she not there?

4:35am “As we leave the mountaintop…”

4:34am I love the notion of “a more perfect union”… that idea that the process of refinement is unending, and there are always improvements to be made.

4:33am I wonder if Joseph E Lowery ever thought he would see this day.  It’s hard to imagine the length and the breadth of their struggle.  Truly humbling.

4:30am My waffle was awesome.  With cream, blueberries and raspberries on top (Red, White and Blue, of course)

4:29am Honestly, not super impressed with this performance of poetry, but I guess she’d be nervous.

4:27am Sorry, PRESIDENT Obama kicks arse.

4:25am Obama kicks arse.

4:23am “Those values upon which our success depend… these things are old.  These things are true.  They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history.”

4:22am It is a moment that will define a generation.  “It is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people on which this country lies”

4:21am HE TALKED ABOUT WATER.  Very briefly, but it’s nice that the importance of clean water was mentioned.

4:20am Know that your people will judge you on what you have built, not what you have destroyed.

4:20am This just keeps getting better.  I like what he’s saying about foreign policy.

4:16am  I like what Obama is saying about the need for effective government.  And the need for market controls.

4:14am  Obama’s speech is fairly wonderful.  As are my inauguration waffles.


4:09am I like that he is so open about the challenges he faces.  He treats the audience as adults

4:08am Was there ever a more presidential-looking president?

4:07am Michelle looked so very proud


4:06am CUTE little mistake there- somebody was nervous!

4:03am From Talking Point Memo: “I think there are some moments for which the only fitting commentary is silence.”

4:00am  Wow.  Yo-Yo Ma et al are performing a piece written especially for the occasion by John Williams.  1) it is very moving.  2) how do their hands still move so quickly in the cold.

3:54am  Awwwwwe, I sometimes forget how much I like Joe Biden.

3:53am My Country Tis of Thee!!  It’s my favourite!  I used to look up the lyrics in our hymn book at Salmon Creek Baptist Church every Sunday morning.

3:47am  Time for waffles, methinks.

3:46am- MINUTES left of Bush’s presidency.  MINUTES.  He has been president my whole adult life.  What will it be like?

3:45am I think they should have ME doing the commentary, I’d be far more interesting.

3:43am Tears!!! I knew I wouldn’t last long.  I just can’t believe this is real!

3:40am I like Nancy Pelosi’s purple outfit.  She looks like the cat that swallowed the cream (is that the phrase?)

3:39am Oh, he looks SO HANDSOME!  I know that’s wrong to say about the incoming president, but he does.

3:38am I am just about done with Curtis Sittenfeld’s book American Wife, which was based on the life on Laura Bush.  Kind of good timing.  It’s not changed the way I think about Bush, but it does make for interesting thinking.

3:37am  You know what Bush?  I don’t think I’ll miss you at all

3:35am Booooooooooo CHENEY. YOU ARE A WAR CRIMINAL

3:34am I like Michelle Obama’s yellow outfit.  I can’t imagine how cold it must be.

3:33am Cheney in a wheelchair… priceless

3:32am Good Morning.  Happy Inauguration day!

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