Things I have learnt so far:

– It is VERY HARD to live on $30/week.

– Not spending money makes me grumpy.

– Our whole society is built around spending.

– I may actually be a spend-a-holic.  I get a little rush from spending money- even if it’s just on lunch.  Not spending has made me really grouchy.

2 Responses

  1. You have my eternal respect for even attempting to live on $30 a week, and I totally understand the grumpiness.
    I may or may not have over indulged in the spending department in the post Christmas sales, and as a result my credit card bill has turned into an evil beast.
    I’m trying to limit my spending so I can pay it off as quickly as possible, but not being able to spend money makes me rather tetchy and I tend to destroy the good intentions in the worst possible way.

    May you continue your good work and continue to be an inspiration!

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