It’s hard to believe that a year ago, Find A Bed didn’t exist. It wasn’t even an idea. Like pretty much everyone else, I have found 2020 extraordinarily challenging. But as hard as it has been, there have been some real highs.

One of them was the invitation to participate in the the amazing Lamb Legends campaign. I got to spend a day learning to make a truly incredible dish from Chef Mitch Orr.

If they’d planned a meal specifically for my tastes, they could not have done better. Lamb marinated in fennel, lemon, and garlic, and a salad with BBQed peaches and fresh mint was just a dream meal.

I’ve made the dish at least three times since, and a couple of the techniques have made their way into my regular cooking. It was such a fun way to help more people find out about the work we do at Find A Bed, as we work out what we’ll be long term.

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