I was walking home today, in the weird weather, with my iPod on shuffle.  Black President by Nas came on.  He sang the line “America surprised us, and let a black man guide us”, and it suddenly struck me.  It’s true.  Obama WILL be president.  He WILL be inaugurated.  This really, truly happened.

It’s hard to believe, sometimes, that it is real. Not that I ever doubted that it could happen, but after all that time and the struggle that was the campaign, it takes a while to sink in.   And yes, a possibly-disappointing transition is taking place (though I, personally, think it shows all the hallmarks of Obama’s particular kind of political genius), and yes, we’ll all be disappointed at some point.  But this isn’t about that.

This is about the fact we live in a world where this can happen.  There are horrible, borrible things in the world, but sometimes, something good happens.  People surprise you.  And the realisation of what the year actually was occasionally break over me like a wave.  And it makes me happy.

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