O I read this fairly interesting essay in the New York Times today about the role of books in (romantic) relationships, which considered books as a kind of litmus test.  It was interesting, and worth a read, but I think, in it’s eagerness to consider romantic relationships, it completely ignored the far more interesting role of books in friendships.

Romantic relationships are a little less ambiguous than friendships (I speak generally, of course), while friendships, well, there are a seemingly limitless number of degrees of friendships.

So my questions, my thought, is this:  just as some claim they couldn’t have a romantic relationship with someone who doesn’t read, could you have a very close friend who doesn’t?  Is there an inner circle of friendship into which no reader can admit a non-reader?

I have some thoughts on this, but it’s Friday, I’m tired, and I want to chill out and watch TV.  But think about it…

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