Once, many years ago, I went to the US on holidays.  Sadly caffeine addicted as I was, I needed a source of coffee each morning that would not require my lovely hosts, Megan’s family, to brew a drip coffee every morning.  Fortunately, at the Seattle’s Best Coffee just outside Megan’s School (thank you, Bagel Man, you know who you are), I discovered that most wonderous of inventions: the plunger cup.

It is a plunger (or “French Coffee Press”) and a cup, all in one.  You BREW your coffee then you drink it.  Granted, it’s not the same as an espresso from a lovely little coffee shop.  But it’s good.  Certainly better than… instant.

Since, I’ve had an obsession with plunger-cups and buy one whenever I see then, which isn’t often.  It’s perfect for on the way to work, or when you’re away and don’t want to bother your host with your no-instant snobbishness.

I’m on to my 4th plunger cup, and every one has, within a week, saved me more than the cost of purchase in coffee-shop coffee.  It’s not the best coffee in the world, but it’s pretty good for one on a budget, be it relating to time or finance.

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