… dont’ worry, not from this blog, but rather from my job.

I’ve been a bit hestiant to blog lately, ’cause I always find it weird to be writing about stuff when there’s this big thing occupying brain space that I just can’t mention.  Of course, there are always things like that, but I think it’s hard enough to blog with the usual secrets, much less the additional ones…

It’s been a strange year-and-two-months, working at the Swans.  In many ways, I’ve loved it.  It was an absolute dream-come-true to get paid to think and write about football.  Sure, it’s been tiring at times, and yes, when you do something for the money, it can easily become work rather than fun.  But it’s been a great experience, I’ve learned heaps.
But it’s time to move on.

Time to move on to a role with more room to grow, to be part of a communications team, rather than a floating member of the Marketing department.  Time, too, for a fresh start.  Over one’s time at a job, one inevitably accumulates a record, with both positive and negative elements.  After a while, it’s time to clear the record, and begin again… working hard to compensate for one’s weaknesses, whilst simultaneously building on one’s strengths.

It also feels good to well-and-truly shift into the adult phase of my life.  I’ve been working at making my house a real home in the last few weeks, and it feels really good to do that.  Working at Swans has been a luxury afforded to me by generous parents, who have given me a great deal on my apartment, and some sacrifices on my own part.  But it’s time now to put that aside, and make an adult decision.  Surprisingly, I’m not even remotely mournful about it… In fact, I’m excited.  Really, really excited.

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