I am the consummate white person, and according to clander:

Throughout history, white people have a pretty poor record when it comes to promises (see Americans, Native for examples).  Thankfully, modern white people are trying to erase the shame of the past by making promises to themselves that they will never keep. Writing a novel, going vegan, or sending their future kid to public school are just a few of these great breakable promises.

So I have decided to promise to write a novel.

It’s funny… I’m just at the point where I can write again, really, truly write, for fun.  As long as I was at Swans, writing was work.  It was impossibly to relax by writing creatively.  But the impulse has returned, and I think I actually have a good story to tell, so I’ve started to work on it.  I won’t tell much, though do fully expect to see previews on this blog.

I do, however, have a name (The Green Room- but not like the TV Show greenrooms, so it may yet be changed due to confusion), and I have named my two main characters.  Abby, who is 17, and her aunt Eleanor, who is 47, and has just come to live with her family after some personal problems.  The story revolves around these two and their relationship.  It’s more interesting than that, I promise, but that’s the bare bones of it.

I’ve also figured out all the important dates, because they are important to this story (aha! a clue!)

So far, I’m happy with it.  I think I might actually have a story that will work.  And I certainly have characters that already live in my mind, who I already feel very invested in.  I want to see how they get on… I dont quite know yet exactly how they’ll wind up.

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