So I’m no longer writing regularly for the USSC blog.  Strangely, as soon as blogging was a “job”, I found it amazingly difficult to do.  I wasn’t nearly as inspired, and not at all articulate.  The moment it became a must-do, it was something un-fun.

So I’m crossing full time blogger off the potential career list.

And thing have changed. I’m back at uni this semester. I got promoted. I’m busy. And I’ve been thinking differently- less focused on the short term, and more trying to focus on some big ideas  That’s required a lot of learning and a lot of thinking.  So I haven’t been much one for writing, or even much one for reading short-form writing… I’ve been losing myself in books about history, politics and philosophy.  And it’s been great.

But I’ve missed Naysayers, and so I’m back. Hopefully with some interesting new ideas…

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